Man Appeals Against Driving Ban After Fatal Accident

Source: The Straits Times, Wednesday 3 August 2011

A Businessman is appealing against the five-year driving ban after he has paid a fine of $8,000 for negligently causing the death of a nine year old pedestrian in a 2009 road traffic accident.

According to the news report, the primary 2 pupil was on his way to school in heavy rain when he was hit by the vehicle driven by the businessman. The point at which the boy was crossing was more than 130m from the nearest pedestrian crossing. He was seriously injured and passed away six days later. There was no doubt that the mishap was the result of failure to keep a proper lookout for the pedestrian by the driver.

Our thoughts:

Every driver should:

  • slow down when reaching any junctions
  • exercise greater care especially during rainy weathers
  • know that causing bodily injury or death to a third party is a serious offence under traffic regulation, which may lead to jail sentence