Huge potential payout for office mishap

Source : The Straits Time 19 June 2012

A Japanese lady working as a sales executive suffered a slip disc & spine dislocation after
a fall at work. Ms Kato Naoko fell because her manager moved her chair while trying to give way to another colleague during a training session at work.

As a result, she had to undergo neutroplasty injections to manage the pain. In addition, she also suffers from residual disability following the injury. She is unable to sit for long period of time without suffering from lower back pain.

She is suing her employer for negligence based on the provisions of the Workplace Safety and
Health Act for her damages, pain & suffering & further medical expenses. She is asking for $600,000 as compensation.

The compensation amount will be determined by the court later.

Ms Kato Naoko has accepted a 25% blame for the incident & both parties agreed in the high court to settle the case with the amount payable to be assessed by the court.

Many such cases are usually settled internally between employer & employee. However in a
growing trend, many employees are also seeking compensation thru the court.

Our Thougths:

There is growing awareness among employees about their rights and well-being. Changes in
the  Workplace and Safety Health Act and  the Work Injury Compensation Act have emphasized the growing importance of providing a safe and secure  work environment.

Employers who fail to provide for a safe and secure environment could be liable for large
claims when an injury take place at work.

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